Social Media for Doctors

Did you know that 72% of those using the internet are active on at least one social media channel? That number keeps growing every year and so does the number of social media options. This makes social media for Doctors and critical part of the online marketing mix.

Your clients want a personal relationship with you and forming a trusting relationship is the best way to cultivate future business. The relationship often begins online in today’s world. You may end up interacting on social media before you ever see the person as a patient.

Social media for doctors has become massive and you cannot miss out on the opportunity to connect with patients and future patients. With proper medical social media marketing, you can gain plenty of new prospects and cultivate trusting relationships with current patients.

As one of the most powerful ways to connect, you need to make sure your social channels are covered; and covered well. It’s so easy to reach the friends of current patients, a local market and your exact target market through social media marketing. In fact, it may be the most targeted type of marketing in existence.

It’s not uncommon for a company to post random industry articles and an occasional blog post as their entire social media strategy. This won’t do it and won’t get you the brand awareness you desire. Without proper engagement on social media, you’ll lose out on one of the most powerful marketing engines on the planet.

We help take medical practices to the next level with integrated marketing solutions based on customized strategies.

Social Media for Doctors, Medical Social Media MarketingAdvantage of a Solid Medical Social Media Marketing Strategy

Sure, you can post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but that’s not truly social media marketing. To market through these channels, you need more than just a few followers and posts. You need to start a conversation, get to know those following you, have a brand voice and cultivate a message by sharing relevant content.

Consistency is key on any social media platform. You need to be authentic if you want to be seen as an expert. Some of the ways you can engage on social media include:

Provide expert advice through blog posts, comments, etc.
Share any office antics or oddities
Provide followers with specials you’re running
Offer specials specifically to the social media channel only
Ask questions
Run contests
And more!

There are dozens of ways to build and cultivate relationships with patients and prospects through social media for doctors. You will need to respond to comments, tweets and tags rather quickly, which can become very time consuming, however.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Fredric for 2 years now. I had a “big name” internet market company in Philadelphia beforehand and they not only were ineffective but also were immoral. They generated no results while charging me high prices. I met with Fredric by chance, liked his personal approach to the…

Permission-Based Marketing

Just like email marketing, your followers have given you permission to provide content and information through social media. They followed you or became your friend, which makes social media marketing a permission-based marketing strategy.

It’s a privilege to provide them with information and you should take it very seriously. Finding the right balance between providing relevant content and promoting your business isn’t always easy. Too much promotion can cause people to stop following you or even put you on mute.

Use only Proven Social Media Marketing Strategies

At Medical Marketing Gurus, we use only the best proven strategies for your medical social media marketing. We start by truly understanding your target audience and creating a content strategy around that to ensure you’re getting the highest return on investment possible.

Social media marketing goes hand-in-hand with both reputation management and content marketing. It’s also known as a great way to provide customer service, which also makes it a necessary place to monitor as a part of your reputation management strategy.

When we take over your social media marketing, we don’t remain behind the curtain. If we think there’s something you can say to influence or impact your audience, we let you know.

Social Media for Doctors, Medical Social Media MarketingBuilding Incredible Brand Awareness

Social media for doctors offers the opportunity to create incredible brand awareness. With a well-designed and executed strategy, you’ll combine just about every type of online marketing into one package. Medical social media marketing can help drive email marketing by creating new subscribers, while blog posts gain traction when shared all over your social media accounts.

The primary goal of social media marketing is to help you cultivate relationships between your medical practice and your target audience online. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we ensure you gain more prospects, more first-time patients and more regular patients.

Hiring Medical Marketing Gurus to handle your social media marketing ensures you’ll start to gain traction on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn. We will help you become an authority on social media with our customized marketing plan specifically designed for your medical practice. Contact us today and find out how we can make you the go-to option in your market, for your specialty.

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