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If you want a consistent flow of new patient leads fast, running a Google AdWords campaigns is one of the top marketing strategies for medical practices that you can implement today.

With pay-per-click marketing or PPC, you don’t have to rely solely on search engine optimization to gain a high level of visibility in the search engine results pages or SERP’s. Pay-per-click ads are found at the top of all the major search engines and they don’t rely on SEO.

Instead, you’ll simply bid on the keyword phrases you want to be listed for and if you have the highest bid, you’ll be in the top slots when someone searches for one of your keywords.

We help take medical practices to the next level with integrated marketing solutions based on customized strategies.

Best Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

PPC-Pay-Per-ClickUnderstanding Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a paid type of advertising where you’re charged when someone actually clicks on your ad. When they click, they will be taken to your website where they will be able to get more information about whatever you’re advertising. Through PPC marketing, you can quickly gain traffic, new leads and new patients for your medical practice.


Why Use Pay Per Click Marketing for Your Medical Practice?

One of the main reasons you should start using PPC marketing for your medical practice is the high return on investment when a campaign is properly managed and continually optimized for performance.

This type of marketing allows you to reach a larger audience without spending money just to have your ad in front of them. Instead, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. This means, every single time you pay for a click, someone visited your medical website.

Along with the high ROI, it’s important to understand how the search engines work. The ads they run through PPC advertising programs make them money, while organic search results don’t. Search engines only offer the organic results as a way to get people to use their search engine.

Over the years, Google has become very good at making sure they get the maximum number of clicks on ads compared to the organic search results. Even if you’re listed in the top position in the organic results, you will likely gain even more traffic by using PPC marketing for the same keyword phrase.

A few years ago, Google realized they were losing money because searchers were clicking on organic results far more often. They made a few changes to ensure PPC ads became more appealing and earned more clicks. Since the changes were made, PPC ads took over a much larger portion of the clicks made through searching on Google.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Fredric for 2 years now. I had a “big name” internet market company in Philadelphia beforehand and they not only were ineffective but also were immoral. They generated no results while charging me high prices. I met with Fredric by chance, liked his personal approach to the…

The Process for Pay Per Click Marketing

pay-per-click-marketingPay-Per-Click marketing isn’t easy and can be very time consuming. It starts with keyword research and includes writing text ads, tweaking landing pages for higher conversion rates and managing your overall marketing budget. It’s a full time job and you likely don’t have time to handle the entire marketing process. A poorly run campaign can cost you a lot of money with little results.

At Medical Marketing Gurus, we offer professionally managed Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns for medical practices as one of our core competencies. We will help you gain more traffic, leads and patients using intelligently designed and meticulously executed PPC marketing strategies.

Our team knows exactly how to find the right keywords, create compelling relevant ads, build highly converting landing pages and bid for prime position. We’ll get you the highest return on investment through continually optimizing the campaign for increased performance.

How PPC Marketing Boosts Your Brand

Not only will you be able to take over a top position within the search results, but we can also help you use direct response ads. These ads allow for immediate conversions through phone calls and email. In addition, your PPC ads will help to build your brand. Imagine how much traffic and awareness you’d get if you were at the top for the PPC ads and listed first for the organic results.

The more impressions you have, the more your brand will be seen as a trusted brand, as well. When you run a successful PPC advertising campaign, you’ll gain plenty of brand awareness. Even when you’re ad doesn’t get clicked, it will likely be seen. This means even when you’re not paying for the click, you’re gaining brand awareness.

How Medical Marketing Gurus Helps You with PPC Marketing

When you hire Medical Marketing Gurus to handle your Pay Per Click marketing, you gain access to a professional, highly experienced team of marketing experts. We will ensure you’re targeting the right people in your area, manage your ads, complete full keyword research, create the perfect text ads, use A|B split testing to maximize your results and monitor everything.

Not only will you gain immediate results from PPC marketing, but it’s also a long term strategy you can use to build your medical business. When you’re ready to explode your online marketing, contact the Medical Marketing Gurus and let us show you what real results look like.

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